Which is Best – Ancient Egyptian Slots vs Ancient Greek Slots?

These must surely be two of the most popular themes used in online slots. Ancient Egypt takes us back to a time when pharaohs ruled the country, while ancient Greece suggests Greek gods and myths, as well as the real world.

So, which theme is the best between the two? And will you agree with our assessment?

Ancient Egypt's delights

Quick - what do you think of when you think about ancient Egypt? You probably think of pyramids, pharaohs, the Sphinx, and perhaps hidden treasures in tombs. All these elements combine to create a tempting mix of ingredients to include in lots of slot games.

You will usually find plenty of material that can be used to create good free spins features and bonuses, too. Our favorite games include those in 3D, since they add greater depth to any foray into the lives of the ancient Egyptians and rulers. Look for slot titles including A Night with Cleo, Book of Pyramids, Crown of Egypt, and Egyptian Adventure among others.

Ancient Greece and its drama

What comes to mind when you think of ancient Greece? Ruins, temples, the legends of the Greek gods, and maybe places like Mount Olympus, too. You can see there is plenty of intriguing material here to use in slot games. Again, the 3D ones are most appealing, but we do love the slots based on Greek gods and other characters, such as Medusa and Hercules.

With so many great characters to base slot games around, it is easy to see why software providers keep on going back to games like these. Watch out for Legends of Greece, Hall of Gods, Colossus Fracpot, and Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus among other titles.

Our verdict?

We don't honestly think we could choose between the two, here. In fact, we would say it depends on the approach taken by the slot provider developing games on these topics. Some develop stunning 3D games packed with features and bonuses, while others go for a more basic stance.

So, check out as many games as you can that take you to ancient Egypt and to ancient Greece, and see if you agree with our opinion on this. We think you will find favorite slot titles from all kinds of providers in both themes. In fact, it is almost impossible not to do this once you start looking.