Why Do Software Providers Use Themes for their Slot Games?

Play any slots, and you'll encounter many different themes. Some are based on the usual one-armed bandit machines, with fruits on three reels and just one payline to find prizes on.

But beyond those, there are many different themes out there. Many five-reel slots use a theme, and this could be anything from monsters to ghosts, seasonal slots to those based on ancient civilizations, and plenty more in-between. So, let's look further at why software providers develop games based on themes.

Some themes are very popular

Using a popular theme doesn't guarantee your game will be a success, but it does give you a good start. Some of the most popular themes include seasonal games, those set in ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, or Aztec times, and animal-themed slots. A theme provides a starting point. Sometimes, a developer will choose a theme they know will be popular, but conversely, they might choose a theme that hasn't been done much before, to try and create something different.

Themes provide inspiration and a template to follow

While not all developers create games with the same features, some themes do suggest certain ways of play, and specific bonuses. Bonuses are often associated with specific characters used in the game, or with other associated elements.

They will also usually develop symbols for use in a game that are inspired by the theme. So, in magic slots, expect to see bunny rabbits, a black magician's hat, some playing cards, and other magical symbols, too. Meanwhile, a slot with an Irish theme will typically feature lots of good luck symbols, along with the usual leprechaun or two, of course.

They reel people in with the promise of a good game

We've already discovered a good theme doesn't necessarily equate to a good game. But it does mean you can get started from a strong position. Some people love playing slots based on a set theme, and if a slot game provider works hard to make the most of a theme, they know they have a ready-made audience. They can virtually guarantee they will get lots of players exploring the game and giving it a try. If they have done enough to create a good game, they'll stand a better chance of success.

So, if you choose slot games based on themes, you know why some themes are better than others and more exciting than others, too.