Gold Rush Slots

In the past, miners would travel out west in hopes of striking it rich by digging for gold. While that's no longer possible, online casino players may strike it rich on the reels in the Gold Rush Slots game. Gamblers love the fact that panning for gold in this entertaining game doesn't require special equipment; a lucky spin of the reels is all it takes. Check out this thrilling slot for yourself today, or read on to learn more.

Traditional Gaming at its Finest

Gold Rush Slots is a traditional 3-reel, 1-payline game, but this doesn't mean that it lacks the excitement of larger games. While there is only a single payline, players may wager one, two, or three coins with every spin of the reels. In an effort to maintain an authentic feel, Gold Rush Slots offers symbols like the Cherry and Bar icons, but it also offers theme-appropriate graphics that feature Gold and Mining Carts. The game also offers an auto-spin feature that keeps the reels moving, although some players will prefer the skill stop feature that can increase their odds of winning.

Hit it Big on the Progressive Jackpot

Another exciting feature of Gold Rush Slots is the progressive jackpot, which grows every time a player places a wager on the game. Gamblers can keep track of the jackpot's size by watching the screen, and its value is displayed in credits, not in monetary values. New and returning Gold Rush players are encouraged to wager a full three coins on each spin; the progressive jackpot will only be awarded to those who have bet the maximum amount on the game. Once three Gold symbols appear on the reels, the progressive jackpot will be awarded.

Strike it Rich with Gold Rush Slots

In today's world of slots, players expect to see massive games with five reels and a multitude of paylines, but true gamers won't overlook the value of a classic slot like Gold Rush. Panning for gold may be a thing of the past, but Gold Rush Slots can recreate this lost industry, even as it takes players back to simpler era of casino gaming. The potential for a progressive jackpot keeps gamblers coming back for more because they know that the next spin of the reels could be their chance for a very lucky win. If you're ready to get lucky in an entertaining, exciting game, don't miss the fun in Gold Rush Slots.