Why Play Slots with Bonus Features?

Slot games pack in a lot of variety, so it is perhaps not surprising most people can find some games they like to play. We all have our favorites, but the games that offer people the greatest degree of variety and winning opportunities tend to come out on top.

And this is where bonus features come in. They provide us with additional perks to look for aside from spinning the reels in the base game all the time. Let's look at just some of the reasons bonus slots are so popular - and will continue to be so.

They provide chances to win free spins

Ah, we do love some free spins. Who wouldn't want to have some free spins in a slot game? The number you can win will depend on the trigger. Usually, most slot games will reward the player with free spins for getting enough scatter icons to qualify. Some will grant a set number for three or more scatters, while others increase the free spins if you can get four or five scatters to appear. Sometimes, you can even win more freebies within the first set of spins you enjoy.

You can find on-reels click-me features in some games

Sometimes, the main game is given a makeover with the inclusion of a click-me feature. This requires a combination of icons to appear, at which point you are invited to click one to see which credit prize you will win. Get lucky, and you might even pick more than one before you spot a 'collect' message that will return you to the game you were playing.

They have second-screen bonus features

As the name suggests, these are provided on a different screen to the one you will normally play on. It might mean a different set of reels for the free spins, or a different screen with no reels at all. An Egyptian-themed slot might present you with a pyramid filled with possible prizes. A sporting slot might pit you against an opponent to see who can win the game. Meanwhile, a pirate slot might ask you to explore a treasure map and choose locations to find some treasure, i.e. some bonus credits for you.

As you can see, bonus features add more depth to a slot game, no matter the theme that is being used. Some slots feature several bonuses, too, giving you even more reason to play.