Flash Slots Pros and Cons

If you like online slot games but don't really know the difference between flash, no download, and download casinos then it is a good idea to clear up any misconceptions before you go any farther and find out what the pros and cons are so you can make an educated decision.

Flash pros

Flash simply means that you are playing the game without downloading it. You do not have to worry about getting any viruses on your computer and be assured that you are completely safe. Plus, if you are using someone else's computer you do not have to worry about clogging up their computer either. Another advantage is that flash versions do not require any use of disc space. With flash you are playing strictly out of your browser. Flash play is instant too since you don't have to wait for a download. The flash version allows you the chance to sample a game first before you download it to your computer. Flash versions also play free with no money involved. You can play the flash version from Firefox or Internet Explorer any time.

Flash Cons

Flash is not always the best option for some people though. Some players enjoy the entire gaming experience, like going to the casino without leaving the house. Think of a flash experience more like a stripped down version of that. You are not always able to access all of the games when you use flash and you often cannot access all of the bells and whistles either. You also do not get the quality of graphics that you get with the download versions nor do you get the gripping sound effects. You will find that the download versions offer much smoother animations. Plus, when you have downloaded software you can play without any delays. Games that are downloaded will not break their internet stream either. Players that do not download do not have any access to the many tournaments that others have access to.


Being able to choose from download and flash creates a win win situation for all players and also meets their individual needs. Sometimes players might want the rich delivery of a download casino while others might benefit from a quicker flash version. It all depends and there are definitely pros and cons to each one. You may find that you want to download your home computer but can also enjoy flash while away.