The Best Television Series Themed Slot Titles

From the moment televisions found their way into the homes of the public, they have been entertaining, informing and comforting people. These days, viewers only need to click at a single button on their remote if they want to dive into the worlds that hundreds of television channels deliver to them. These channels offer any form of entertainment, from intellectual series to ridiculous gameshows and everything in between.

In many cases, these shows and series manage to capture the hearts and minds of their viewers. The love for them can even become so big that it even leaps over from the TV screen to the pc monitor. Online, fans flock together to talk about their favorite programs, but they also like to get engaged in crossover entertainment options like for example television series themed slot titles. That is the reason why these kind of slots have seen a huge rise in popularity during the last couple of years.

And since slot title developers constantly develop new and innovate game play elements for their creations, it is no surprise that gambling experiences have becomes better and better. Nowadays, players can go online and enjoy themselves with a large number of fun slot games that let them relive moments from their favorite programs thanks to extra game elements like video clips and audio clips.

This overview will introduce you to some of the best television series themed slot titles that are currently on offer at online casino platforms. As you will soon find out, there is a matching, popular tv themed game for everyone. Find your favorite form of television and gambling entertainment with games like Family Guy Slots, Sex and the City Slots, CSI Slots and Happy Days Slots.

Family Guy Slots

If you're a fan of games that are based on popular cartoons, then you will find joy with the Family Guy slot game adaption. All your favorite characters from the show are present on the 5 reels from the game. Spin Peter, Lois, Brian, Chris, Meg and Stewie on the game screen, and proceed to claim your winnings when you line them up appropriately on the 20 fixed pay-lines. Many of the members of this funny family even have their own special bonus feature. For example, you can enjoy yourself with the Lois' Hot free spins bonus, Peter's multiplier feature and Stewie's Wild feature. Furthermore, as a fan of this cartoon, you can expect to see the same kind of quirky and funny (design) elements in this unique slot title from casino game developing giant IGT (International Game Technology).

Sex and the City Slots

Sex and the City Slots is another great IGT slot game adaption from an immensely beloved HBO television series and similarly named movie. Due to the popularity of Sex and the City, it is no surprise that its online slot adaption enjoys the same reputation. Embrace the romantic adventures from Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, while you make your winnings on the 5 reel and 15 win-lines game screen. This is a perfect game if you love to hang out with your girlfriends while you guys shop for shoes or bags, sip juicy cocktails and talk in length about romantic encounters.

CSI Slots

It is no secret that the crime genre is a big and popular player in the television and film industry. The series Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) is a perfect example. Once again, game developer IGT picked up on its popularity with its very own slot title adaption of this long running show. CSI manages to give you double the thrills. A crime-based theme does the trick, but so do the many excellent winning opportunities. This game has a suspenseful soundtrack and it boasts a lot of famous characters and elements from the show like for example D.B. Russel, Willows, Sanders and Capt. Brass. You will make your symbol combinations with them on a 5 reel screen and 20 pay-lines screen. Will you be able to find the evidence that large coin win opportunities are present on the reels? Play this innovative IGT slot title and you will soon find out. You might be surprised to learn that solving crimes can be very rewarding.

Happy Days Slots

The last slot title in this overview is based on a classic show that was aired from 1974 to 1984. The name of this show is Happy Days and its slot title variant has the same name. This is a game that mostly caters to the needs of an older audience due to the age of the show, but that certainly does not make it less entertaining. If you grew up watching the Happy Days sitcom on the television, then you will have many nostalgic feelings when you play this WMS developed game.

Entertain Yourself With an Endless Stream of Television Themed Slot Titles

Many popular TV shows and series eventually stop being aired, but their matching slot titles live on at online casinos. They are not going anywhere, and new ones are frequently being added to the collections of online casinos. Game developers constantly draw inspiration from classics and modern programs. From the good old time when black-and-white was the norm to the current era where futuristic elements thrill the senses of viewers, there are so many options to draw from, and you will notice that when you go online to play the best television series themed slot titles. Be aware though, you might have to divide your attention between spinning the reels and watching the matching shows on television as both captivating entertainment options will do their best to draw you into their worlds.