Mad Scientist or Madder Scientist from Betsoft – Which is Best?

If you are familiar with Betsoft slot titles, you may have come across Mad Scientist before - not to mention its insane sequel, Madder Scientist Slots. Slot game sequels do have a reputation for sometimes being even better than the originals. The better elements of the originals are replicated, and they tweak what didn't work as well to make it better for the sequel. Sometimes, they'll add in new features, too.

So, what is best here? Is it the original Mad Scientist slot game, or the sequel, Madder Scientist? Let's find out.

Mad Scientist

Let's begin with the original, which has a great look to appreciate before you even begin the game. Betsoft has packed 20 lines into this, and you can wager up to five coins on each one.

But what about the additional features? Well, the bonus feature itself invites you to take part in a Turn to Gold Experiment. The chalkboard is wild in the main game, while the switch is the scatter. There's a Wild 'o' Cution feature that transforms every icon in a row into wilds, guaranteeing a win. And with a Bio Pick Me instant bonus too, there are lots of perks to playing this game.

Madder Scientist

Well, this could be the only title really, couldn't it? But is this game better than the first one? Well, it does have a lot to live up to. The scientist character does look wilder, and the presentation here is in 3D. You get a cut scene to watch this time, before launching into the main game.

You get more lines this time, with 30 in play, and there is a Click Me feature triggered by finding a beaker on each of the odd-numbered reels. Switches are wild in this version of the game, and three of them will turn a reel totally wild for a certain amount of spins. You can pay more to get reel re-spins, but the bonus round is triggered in the basic game by finding at least three carrots. This bonus involves testing a new concoction on the carrot… so will you find success?

Our verdict

While the first Mad Scientist slot is very good, the second one does beat it, in our opinion. If you're going to try them both, start with Mad Scientist and then try the sequel to see what you think. Will you agree with our verdict?