3 Of the Best Bonus Slots Around Today

Many slot players look for slot games that give them a chance to unlock a bonus feature or two. These are very popular for lots of reasons, which is why we have rounded up three of the best you can try today.

Remember though, if these three don't fit the bill for you, there are plenty more where they came from!

Panda Party

This is a very cool slot because it has a Pandamonium bonus round available. It deserves a prize just for that title! This gives you free spins and a number of lucky lanterns that are green instead of red. It's also possible to enjoy drop icons in place of the usual panda symbols, and this means you could enjoy increased multipliers going up as high as 64x your triggering bet.

Jolly Roger's Jackpot

Some bonus features are easier to play than others. The one in Jolly Roger's Jackpot is a lot of fun but it's not too complex either. If you find three pirate ships dotted across your reels in one spin, you get to fire at the pirate ships on your screen. A successful hit will lead to some treasure tumbling out of that ship. The more treasure you receive, the bigger the coin prize at the end of the bonus feature.

Six Shot Showdown

Fancy having a showdown with the villain? Three sheriff badges will give you the chance to do just that. There are as many as four villains to face in this round, but you have to get past the first one in order to progress. A direct hit means you get a prize and move on, but you can have up to six attempts at taking out each villain before he wins.

Which bonus feature will appeal to you?

The great thing about bonus features is they normally guarantee you a prize. It's not always the case, but most of the time you'll have a chance to get a nice coin prize by playing the bonus round.

Check out just some of the superb games online today to see how many have bonus features included in them. We've found three here, but you can play far more than that. Check out the 3D games as they have some of the most entertaining bonus features around. No doubt you will soon have a favorite you love going back to time and time again.