Get Real Value for Your Bucks With the Best Net Entertainment Slot Titles

Slot title developer Net Entertainment offers you real value for your gambling bucks, and it does this with a high quality casino game selection that packs a very powerful punch. This game producer takes its time to develop all these games, and it taps from its extensive knowledge as well as years of experience to make the gambling sessions extra special for you. In the end, only high quality and extremely fun slot titles roll from the digital manufacturing belt, and these titles often end up on the favorites lists of many online players.

Over time, the game manufacturer has built up a versatile portfolio that is filled with iconic (branded) creations like Gonzo's Quest Slots, Aliens Slots, Space Wars Slots, South Park Slots, Creature from the Black Lagoon Slots and The Invisible Man Slots. These titles are at the top of their game thanks to the presence of exceptional sound effects, graphics and overall designs, but also because of their high payout percentage. Here follows a list of absolute must tries when you want to explore games from this casino software developer.

Search for the Golden City of Eldorado in Gonzo's Quest Slots

With Gonzo's Quest Slots, Net Entertainment introduced a platinum video slot to the online casino game world. This game is created with the intention to satisfy inexperienced as well as veteran players. Start this slot and you will see a short and atmospheric introduction movie that features the adventurous and curious conquistador Gonzo. A look back at history will tell you that this man represents the historical explorer Gonzalo Pizzaro.

In the game, Gonzo is on a quest to discover the mysterious and hidden city of Eldorado. This legendary place is a fortune seekers dream, because it also known as the city of gold. Gold is also what you're looking for when you spin the reels of this game, and Gonzo will support you during the quest. His animated figure stands on the bottom left side of the screen, where he watches how the symbols take their position on the slot reels. And it should be noted that these symbols take their position in a rather unusual way. Instead of being spun on the screen, they drop or fall onto it via a unique avalanche feature. Furthermore, those reel attributes that form a winning combination, disappear and explode in a cool 3D fashion. Thus, they create a snowball effect, because more game attributes will then have to drop into the empty spaces.

Avalanches continue to rumble along the screen for as long as you keep putting winning symbol combinations on it, so you can enjoy many extended and profitable spinning sessions. This feature, together with other great perks, like for example the beautifully designed game screen, the lively jungle and Spanish sound elements and the rich colors, make this quality 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 pay line game an absolute slot title delight.

Test Your Nerves During an Eerie Game of Aliens Slots

Aliens Slots is one of NetEnt's latest branded video slots. The game producer has developed it with the cooperation of 20th Century Fox. It is an innovative and multilayered game, because it features collectable multipliers, re-spins, wild substitutes, three playable levels and 3D graphics. This video slot is built around a 5 reel, 3 row and 15 win line structure. Potentially lucrative spinning sessions make sure that you feel the thrills while playing, and the game's scary surroundings and atmospheric sound effects will further enhance the tense playing experience.

A bit of bravery is required if you want to play this game, because you have to explore the eerie premises in search for Alien life. And once you've found it, there is no other way to get out alive then to shoot your way through hordes of extraterrestrial freaks. Your ultimate goal is to destroy the hive of the Queen in order to end this scary encounter that is based on the iconic science fiction, horror movie.

The story of the game is neatly divided into three levels. You start at level 1 (the search), in which you have to use top multipliers to fill an alien activity meter. By doing so, you will pave the way for large wins during the second level.

Level 2 focuses on the encounter. A slot reel attribute overlay provides a guaranteed win during the first slot reel spin. Then, once you've succeeded in the second level, you will be transported to the third level.

This final level in this game is called the hive, and it is attached to a gift of five re-spins. Make sure that you use the grenade to destroy the queen's Hive during this final encounter. By doing so you will make it out alive with maximum slot game profits and all of your limbs attached.

Take Your Betting Experience to the Stars With Space Wars Slots

With the help of Space Wars Slots, you will get to take your casino gambling experience to the stars. However, the galaxy is not really a safe and peaceful space in this game. In order for you to fully benefit from the current hairy situation, you have to make sure that you win intergalactic battles in a war that is being fought by five alien species. A powerful and precious crystal is the object of their desire and the reason for their current aggressive endeavors.

Who will be able to claim the crystal and the profits at the end of the war? It is up to you to find that out and to change the course of space history in an exciting as well as fast-paced slot reel adventure that guides you towards wins with the help of 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 win lines. Every spin counts in this video slot so make them worthwhile in order to claim the biggest profits. While spinning, you can make use of free re-spins, wild substitutes and cloned winning symbols that will be stacked to increase winnings. All of these powerful Space Wars Slots perks make sure that the profit providing force is with you in this one.

Dive Into the Money Making Mayhem of South Park Slots

Your favorite friends from a little mountain town in Colorado have found their way to online casinos via South Park Slots. This branded video slot adaption of the popular and iconic cartoon series is created with the help of South Park Studios. It lets Cartman, Kyle, Kenny and Stan assist you in winning big cash prizes. Additionally, Stan's little brother Ike will also help out to help you gain profits.

This game has 5 slot reels, 3 rows and 25 win lines. You also get to play with bonus games, sticky wilds, wild icons, free spins gifts and even three mini-features. All off these perks are wrapped in a bundle of the familiar and crazy fun that you and other fans of the show have gotten used to over the many years that this cartoon has been aired on television.

Available bonus round features are connected to the main characters of the show. Hunt those pesky hippies with Cartman to win gifts, team up with Stan to claim re-spins and sticky wilds, let Kyle help you to launch ten complimentary bonus spins, substitute unwanted symbols with the powerful Ike wild attribute, and use Kenny to claim casino credits and prize multiplier numbers that can reach as high as ten.

Additionally, there are also three available mini-features that will add extra wild symbols to the slot reels. All of these great slot game elements are presented to you in a game that showcases funny animations, familiar sound effects and a general chaotic atmosphere that so perfectly portraits the mayhem of South Park.

See What Monsters and Profits Lurk Beneath the Surface in Creature From the Black Lagoon Slots

Creature from the Black Lagoon Slots is Net Entertainment's brand(ed) new monster themed video slot machine title. This game is a digital casino entertainment adaption of the legendary monster movie from 1954. Therefore, the slot game developer worked together with Universal Studio's to produce it and bring it on the market as a slot title so that a younger generation of gamblers will also be introduced to its thrilling story. And it will of course be a nice flashback for those senior players who were already alive in the year that his movie came out.

Creature from the Black Lagoon Slots is a game with 5 slot reels, 3 rows and 20 pay lines. Other interesting features include re-spins, free spins, sticky wilds, spreading wilds and regular wilds. Spin the reels and watch how the prehistoric, half-human, half-fish like creature pops its ugly head above the surfaces during the free spins feature, after which he proceeds to capture the beautiful lady Kay.

He takes her to his lair under the water surface, but you have a chance to save her from his fishy clutches. Once the creature and the target symbol appear on the reals, the monster will be shot. Collect as many target attributes as possible, because every time one appears, the creature will lose strength while, at the same time, your rewards becomes stronger. You get to trigger re-spins and spreading wilds, and when you collect the highest number of available target symbols, an extra set of ten complimentary spins will be rewarded.

Make Your Cash Profits Visible in the Invisible Man Slots

The Invisible Man Slots is another branded game title about a classic story that NetEnt was able to bring to live on the digital casino slot machine screen with the help of Universal Studios. The adaption of this famous 1930's movie into a slot game has certainly been successful, but that is not really a big surprise, because it is always save to place classic stories in the hands of all the skilled NetEnt slot title developers. They constantly manage to turn these stories into powerful slot titles that are packed with amazing perks and features.

The entertaining Invisible Man Slots title is certainly no exception. This five reel, three row slot machine lets you make winning symbol combinations with the help of 20 fixed pay lines. Spin the reels and collect walking wilds, regular wilds, free spins and re-spins.

Furthermore, you get to enjoy two special bonus features that are both very attractive. The Griffin's Rage Bonus Game is the first bonus that you get to benefit from while playing The Invisible Man Slots. In this feature, you get to take your part in the hunt for the notorious man that cannot be seen. However, there are three locations where he might be. Make your pick and perform your click in order to win rewards and extra multipliers.

The second available bonus round is called Police Spins. In this round, the police is finally making progress in capturing the invisible man. You get to perform a total of three bonus spins, while four burning wild attributes randomly appear on the slot reels. With a bit of luck, huge rewards will start to appear on the reels in this profitable bonus round.

Enjoy Yourself With Some of the Best Multi-Channel NetEnt Slot Titles on the Internet

Net Entertainment slot titles bring something special to the casino table, and in order to let every kind of player benefit from these special games, the company has made sure that they are available on various devices.

Play the best NetEnt slot tittles on your desktop or take them with you on the road via mobile devices. But wherever you decide to play your favorite slot titles, the fun will always be there, and big cash profits are always lurking around the corner. Enjoy yourself with all of the available games in the free mode in order to comfortably get to know their rules, and make sure that you take a share of those great cash prizes when you're ready to play for real money.