The Best Microgaming Slot Titles

Microgaming is a legendary and award winning brand that is active in the online gambling industry. It partly earns this legendary status due to the fact that it has brought the casino business to the internet.

In the year 1994, this software developer launched the very first online casino platform. The company has always looked ahead since that noticeable moment in time, which took place already more than 20 years ago. It continues to be a leading provider of cutting-edge gaming solutions. One of the brand's constant focus points is the creation of high quality slot machines with unique features and alluring winning opportunities. Read on to learn more about some of the producer's finest games in the slot title category.

Cool Wolf Slots

Wolfs are cunning and cool animals but only one of them can be the coolest of them all. Play Cool Wolfs Slots and you get to meet this lucky hunter of the moonlit night. During his rise to fame, cool wolf went from howling to the moon to smiling with the stars, and he is now one of Howlingwood's celebrity werewolves. The only things more sparkling than his image are the game features, symbols and animations he is starring in.

Line up and scratch away cartoonish looking symbols like the pretty girls, the red muscle car and the sunglasses with cash. Then howl along for pure joy when the coins start to roll in; A slick, catchy and Pulp Fictionish tune forms the supporting background music that makes your howling and gambling session feel extra smooth. Quickly set your teeth in this 5 reel and 243 ways pays slot machine game, because it is most certainly a keeper that digests well.

Jurassic Park Slots

Jurassic Park Slots features all of your favorite dinosaurs from your favorite dino movie. Wild animals guarantee wild wins in this game. Therefore, you will encounter famous ancient superstars like the Triceratops, the Dilophosaurus, and of course T-Rex himself. All of these popular dinos are connected to a special wild feature so don't run away from them.

If you were a fan of the legendary movie Jurassic Park, then you will also recognize a lot of other familiar faces, claws and teeth on the five available reels from this atmospheric 243 pay line game. For example, spin its reels and you will see the mosquito (scatter) that stood at the basis of the dinosaur revival. You will spot the dangerous and cunning Velociraptor, and you will see some human stars of the movie. Hammond is there, and so are Grant, Ellie and Malcolm.

If you grew up with the historic movie from Director Steven Spielberg, then Jurassic Park Slots will ignite sparks of nostalgia and great joy in you. So take a trip to the lost world and collect your coins among the dinos.

Bar Bar Black Sheep Slots

Move from the fearsome ancient predators to the helpless current day sheep with Bar Bar Black Sheep Slots. This is a classic style slot machine, with an innovative twist, that brings a lot of fun to the game screen. It has everything that you will expect from a baa-rilliant slot title about the farmyard.

There are of course sheep, white ones and black ones, and you can see a greenish countryside that stands in contrast with the clear blue sky. Other prominent symbols are the water melon, the corn and the classic bar icon. Furthermore, this game has the feel of a 3 reel classic, but it actually has 5 reels and 15 pay lines. So you will have more opportunities to come out of this game as a winner, instead of as a failed black sheep.

Immortal Romance Slots

What could be more alluring than a story of dark desires and forbidden love? Perhaps one where you could win some coins as well. Immortal Romance Slots gives you the best of both worlds. It tells a tale of a magical witch, a pretty heroine and two fearsome vampires.

These mysterious characters are all entangled in a love story that knows no boundaries. Additionally, your winning streaks in this 243 ways pays and 5 reels game can also have no boundaries. That is, if you manage to properly align symbols like the castle, the golden lion doorknob scatter and the main characters. Play this game today and turn immortal love into immortal riches.

Tap From a Huge Collection of Excellent Slot Games

It is a real achievement to be in the business for so long as Microgaming has been, and that long presence as a leading software developer brings along many perks for its users. Being able to tap from a huge collection of great games is one of them.

So far, this company has created over 850 exclusive casino entertainment titles that can be categorized under more than 120 variants. The mentioned titles are of course a part of the brand's extensive collection. These games provide you the finest forms of entertainment, but they are of course only a small particle in the well-oiled and productive gambling machine that Microgaming has become over the years.

Every month, this beloved casino software developer launches a new title to keep things fresh and exciting. Frequently alternate between playing your favorite titles and trying recent releases, so that you can explore new winning opportunities and constantly grow your list of favorite Microgaming slots.