Why play classic 3-reel slots?

Whether you are new to the world of slots or you're a seasoned player, you will no doubt have heard of three-reel slot games. These are so-called simply because the games each have three reels of symbols in play.

Now you might wonder why you should play these games - especially when other slots have five reels and lots more paylines as well. There are several reasons why you might wish to do so, and we've revealed them below.

It gives you a chance to play a classic game

The classic game features three reels and one payline, keeping things as simple as they can possibly get. The real classic has fruit on the reels and nothing special in terms of features, although it is possible to find wild symbols in these games. These can help make it easier to form winning lines.

You can also occasionally find a second-screen bonus feature in some of the more advanced three-reel games, so watch out for those. And with the chance of finding all kinds of themes, from classic fruit-based ones to seasonal themes, you will always find something that will appeal to whatever you like to see. In short, these games are always a lot of fun.

They're ideal for newcomers to online slot games

There are plenty of slots out there that are very complex and involved to play. As such, they may not be ideal for anyone who hasn't played online slots before. A three-reel game keeps things nice and simple, and allows a newbie to get used to how a game is played before they start playing more complex ones.

They're usually very affordable

It is more than possible to find three-reel slots with a one-cent bet on the single payline they have to offer. You can usually play up to three coins on the payline, so you could place a three-cent bet and be in with a chance of winning the top prize.

As such, these games are perfect for anyone with a small budget. You can probably see how far even a dollar would go if you played just one cent at a time on each spin. People who like the thrill of playing and placing small bets will be well-suited to this sort of slot - and there are plenty to choose from as well.

So if you were wondering why you should play the classic three-reel slots, you know now the answers.