What Are Penny Slots?

No doubt you have come across the term penny slots, but what are they? Are these slots worth playing, and if so, what can you expect from them?

If you're looking for some answers, we can help. You're about to find out all the main details of penny slots.

The reason for the name

The reason why these slots are called penny slots is because they allow you to play as little as a penny on each payline. They will often have higher bet amounts available as well - sometimes as high as $10 or more per line - but to qualify as a penny slot, they must permit this amount as the smallest coin value.

They're ideal for those playing on a small budget

They are, indeed, because you can cover a range of lines at just a few cents per spin. For example, if a slot game has 10 lines, you can spin the lot for as little as a dime, with a single penny on each line. A quarter will enable you to cover every line on a 25-line slot, while a half-dollar allows you to bet on 50 lines. That is the beauty of penny slots - they make multiline slot games accessible to everyone.

They make your budget go further

We think it is always better to play more spins at a lower cost-per-spin than to wager higher amounts and only play a few spins on one game. More spins mean more opportunities to win prizes. And that's what we all play for, right?

Be aware of the rules when a progressive jackpot is involved

Some slots don't allow you to be in with a shot at winning the progressive jackpot unless you make the maximum bet per spin. If you play these as penny slots, you won't have that chance to win. But since the odds are long anyway, that may not worry you. Your budget should always be your priority when assessing your bets.

Additionally, there are lots of penny slots that have one or more progressive jackpots that are open to everyone to win. If you get the right combination of triggering icons the slot requires, you're a winner - simple as that.

Try some penny slots today and enjoy the fun

Penny slots are popular for lots of reasons, as we have seen here. Why do you play them - and how much have you won?