Irish Luck Theme Slots

Some slot game themes are so popular you’ll find yourself tripping over them everywhere you go. One such theme is the Irish luck theme. Think leprechauns, think pots of gold, think rainbows… you will usually find all this and more whenever you play an Irish-themed slot.

We thought we’d look at why these games are incredibly popular, so you can see whether you would like to try some. Maybe they will bring you some good fortune too.

Most of the games are based on good luck – very appropriate for a slot game!

We all hope for some good luck to flow in our direction when playing slots, no matter which theme we go for. However, Irish good luck themes are based on just that – luck. That means you can expect lots of horseshoes, lucky clover, and much more besides.

They’re filled with iconic symbols

Some of those symbols are better to find than others, too. A pot of gold could be a wild or a scatter symbol. A leprechaun might be the biggest payer of all. You get the idea, I’m sure. You might get an idea of the kinds of symbols that could appear, and most games will give some greater importance than others. What could you end up finding in your games?

There is plenty of room for bonus features to be triggered

This is the best part of Irish luck-themed slots. We’ve played lots of games where there are several bonuses to be triggered throughout the game. You might go through to a picking game where you get the chance to choose from several pots of gold. Alternatively, there could be some free spins to be won with various bonus features or special elements involved. Think expanding wilds or similar things like that.

Perhaps the best part about playing Irish-themed slots is the amount of inspiration they bring. Some will be far more involved than others, but they mostly have a certain charm. You can be sure of meeting a leprechaun in most of these slots too, and who knows how lucky he might be for you as you play.

Similarly, most software developers have created at least one Irish slot for you to play. So, whichever developer is your favorite, check out their attempts at this theme to see what you think. You might be amazed at the outcome.