3 Reasons why Multipliers are a Successful Feature in Slot Games

There aren't too many slot games around that don't have multipliers involved somewhere. Sometimes, you'll see them cropping up when you win some free spins. Other games add them by way of increasing multipliers for consecutive wins.

But no matter how they might appear, you can be sure any slot game is way better with them than without. Let's look at just some of the reasons they're a great feature to spot in a slot game.

They increase the value of prizes won

This must be one of the best reasons, right? If you get three identical icons in a winning combination, it might scoop 200 credits for you. But with a multiplier involved, no matter how it comes into play, the win will be bigger. Since the x2 multiplier is the lowest amount you will see, you could win 400 credits at least if this came into play on that prize.

They come in many sizes

They do, and the bigger the better! Some games offer multipliers worth up to 10x and even more, which means you have a great chance to win bigger prizes if one of those comes into play at the right time.

Not all games have more than one multiplier size in play, and those that do may only use them under certain circumstances. Others might have icons shown as multipliers, boosting prizes when they appear as part of a winning combination.

They enhance gameplay - especially in free spins features

Free spins features are most likely going to be the places where you'll see these multipliers. You will usually get x2 or x3 on every prize won during a free spin, but not always (check the paytable to find out for sure in each game).

Sometimes, a free spins feature may give you options to play fewer spins with a bigger multiplier, or vice versa. Which way would you go if you wanted to try and win some bigger prizes?

Make the most of slot game multipliers today

If you're looking around for a new slot to play, try and find one that makes good use of multipliers. If you can, you'll see there are lots of them around. Will you go for the biggest multipliers you can find, or look for them included as part of an overall approach to provide an entertaining slot to try? The choice is yours.