Alien-themed Slots

How many aliens have you met? Probably none, if you're honest. But in the world of slot games, you might just encounter them more than you'd think.

They have certainly inspired many a software developer to come up with an alien-based theme for their latest slot game. We think there are several reasons why these games prove to be among the best. Do you agree with our reasons?

They take us out of this world

Literally, in this case! Mind you, we have also seen aliens appearing in slot games set on earth, so you never know what you might find if you dip into a few. It is also possible to find yourself on strange planets, in odd spaceships, and perhaps even having a battle in space, trying to take out enemy spaceships.

If you are tired of playing games set on earth, with more familiar themes and topics in play, this could be the antidote you are looking for.

They can be anything from scary to fun

We've played a few slots with cute little aliens running around. We've also played games where the aliens mean business… and they are very mean indeed. Whatever kind of alien you are thinking of, you will find some superb games based around the nice and/or nasty ones! From cartoon aliens to those that are more, well… realistic, we guess, you won't run short of slots to try out.

They are usually very creative

Since no one seems to know what an alien looks like, this gives developers plenty of creativity to put to good use. For example, they can come up with numerous bonus features surrounding the story they create for the slot. These could be anything from complex to simplicity itself, depending on the stance they take.

This is one of the best elements in alien-themed slots, and yet it is also one of the hardest to describe. Can you imagine how complex a game could be when based on this theme? It means you simply never know what you should expect when someone releases a slot based around aliens. Will you see little green ones or huge man-eating ones? Who knows?

It is that unpredictability that makes these slots so entertaining and yet so difficult to describe. It also means you never know whether you're going to find a hit or a miss!