Different Types of Wilds in a Slot Game

No two slot games are identical to each other, but you will find some features that crop up a lot. A wild icon is one of these - appearing in games from providers as diverse as Realtime Gaming and Spinomenal, to Microgaming and IGT.

But not all wilds are the same. Here, we'll guide you through some of the more popular ones to appear in online slots. How many of these have you already come across… and how many are completely new?

Regular wilds

Let's begin with the most basic wild of all. This is an icon that will replace most others in a game, and has no other features. It might only appear on certain reels, or it could appear on all of them, depending on the rules of the game you are playing.

Sticky wilds

Sticky is a good thing, here! Sticky wilds are ones that stick in place for at least one spin following their appearance. So, you might get a wild win when it first appears, but you will then get a shot at another win in the next spin. Sometimes, that second spin with the wild remaining in place will be free, too. Get another one, and the same thing happens.

Expanding wilds

These appear when a wild icon shows up on one position on a reel, and then expands to complete the whole reel. It will do this before any prizes are awarded, so you could win more than you would have done without it.

Roaming or moving wilds

These are wilds that move from the original position they appear in. They may move to their left or right, or sometimes up or down. For example, a wild might appear on reel three, and then in the next spin, it moves to reel two. It then moves to reel one for the third spin, before disappearing off the reels completely in the next one. This means you get more chances to scoop prizes as long as it remains on the screen.

Which wild is your favorite?

Well, we would guess it is the one that pops up most, whatever that might be! You may find free spins features and other special bonuses have more wilds added to the reels than in the base game. That means you get an even better chance to take advantage of a wild, wild time on the reels!