The Borgata Takes to the Internet

The Borgata has long been an industry leading casino with a vast collection of slots, table games and various other gambling activities. It's known for its luxury and high level of quality and entertainment value. Now that same quality and value is being extended onto the internet with a virtual casino that the company has put together. That means that fans of the Borgata can now experience some of the same games online, without having to take the time to actually visit the casino in person.

What You Get

The new online casino comes with 100 different games to choose from, with things like slots, keno, video poker, bingo, blackjack and roulette being offered. That means that players can enjoy all of their favorite table games right at the Borgata website without having to visit in person. There are likely several different variations of the games to choose from.

Three Ways to Play

There are three ways for gamblers to experience the new interactive Borgata online casino. They can visit the mobile site directly, or they can download the Android or iOS app. Each of the methods provides access to the same exact games, but they offer a different experience. Players that aren't sure which method they'll enjoy the most should just try out desktop and mobile play to decide which is best.

The Same VIP Account

Long-standing players that go to the Borgata can rely on their existing VIP accounts at the virtual casino just like they do in person. That means that they can build on their perks and comp points when gaming online. This is a way for players to work toward higher VIP levels when they aren't around, and it's a major benefit for gamblers that want to use both services. Online gamers can redeem all their built up benefits when they visit the Borgata in person, making it even easier to unlock exciting prizes and perks to make those rare visits more enjoyable.

The virtual casino was released earlier in May, and it's already off to a good start with a growing community of gamblers looking to access their favorite games online. It's not exactly the same experience as playing at the casino in person, but it's an excellent virtual experience and something that players should try out. After all, it's low cost and easy to sign up. With over 100 different games to choose from, it's easy to find a quality option to try out when getting started at the site.