Learning More About Scatter Icons

If you play a few slot games occasionally, chances are you'll have encountered scatter icons by now. However, if you're new to these exciting online games, you may not be familiar with how scatters work.

A scatter is just one type of special icon that might pop up in a slot game. They don't appear in three-reel games, but they are very common in five-reel slots (and those with six reels, too). This is because they can pay out no matter where they appear - they do not need to appear on a single payline to trigger a prize. That means you need plenty of positions for them to appear scattered in, and that's not possible when a game only presents the player with three reels.

Scatter prizes can be paid for just two or more of these icons

Some games require you to get three or more scatters to trigger a prize. However, some are more generous, and only ask you to find two (or more) to get a scatter prize.

Scatters can trigger bonus features

Sometimes, you'll play a slot game that uses a scatter icon as a bonus trigger. This means you need to get the required number to gain access to a bonus feature, or possibly some free spins.

Scatters sometimes work in combination with other icons, too

Some games use the scatter in a different way. For example, you might need a wild to appear in one position, and a scatter in another, to trigger access to a bonus feature. You might also get a game that offers an on-reels bonus whenever three or more scatters crop up. You then choose one to see what you have won.

Always read the rules so you can understand how a scatter works in a game

Since some games use the scatter icons in different ways, it is always a great idea to read the rules and look at the paytable before playing a new game. This will ensure you know whether the game has a scatter, and if so, what it looks like. You will also know how it works and how it might help you win some prizes.

One thing is certain, though - scatters are always great to see in a slot game, and if things go your way, you might just be very glad to see them. Find some new slots that include scatters today, if you can.