Classic Multi-Hand Blackjack now available at Free Casino Slots

Free Casino Slots have pulled all the stops by providing "the" classic game of Blackjack with a twist. This Multi-Hand version of the legendary game of Blackjack multiplies the excitement and winning options to boot. Already becoming a household name by providing cutting edge, premium casino games, Free Casino Slots have had the foresight to add this classic to their already impressive selection of casino games. This gem of a game is one of the most popular casino games ever created.

Dealer vs Multiple Hands

Yes, you guessed it right. You get to play multiple hands against the dealer as the title suggests. This feature is exactly what makes the game so enthralling and engaging. The casino fever will hit you full force transporting you into the casino complete with sound effects and atmosphere. By playing three hands against the dealer. By betting 100, players can stake a total of 300 per game round, which is pretty impressive seeing the options it opens. Betting 1 per round is a much more modest wager that will appeal to newcomers to the game or online casinos alike. The various amounts can of course be wagered offering a broad range of possibilities and wagering options to suit all types of players from beginners to expert level.

Dealing Secrets

By hitting the Deal button on the screen, 2 card hands are dealt out on each of the plays. Hit again to get another card or stand if you are happy with the draw. Two similar cards allow you to split your hand into two. You can also Double Down your bet if you think the next card is a winner. Multi-Hand Blackjack is played with six decks of cards with the dealer standing on all 17. Players can choose to double their wager with a minimum of 2 cards. Splits are permissible only once and no double can occur after a split. A hand which totals 21 after a split is considered 21 and not Blackjack, thus receiving a Blackjack pays 3:2. If the dealer is showing an Ace, there is the great option of taking out "insurance" against the dealer to mitigate potential losses and protect your winnings so far. The insurance bet is worth half your initial bet and you will be offered the choice of clicking yes or no to the prompt. Surrendering your hand is another option should your prospects look grim. Cut your loses and move on to the next round. Once the dealer's hidden card is revealed, it is compared with each of your own hands, with a 1:1 payout with each win.


If you take a look at the selection of games Free Casino Slots have available in their extensive list of high quality, premium games, there can be no doubt that Multi-Hand Blackjack is up there with the very best and the most popular amongst online casino players. A classic is added and players will not be disappointed.